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Every time I open the shoe closet and see those new white sneakers, I can't help thinking of my childhood friend.

In the second grade, a new student came to the class. He was a medium-sized man who looked pale and bloodless. When the teacher introduced him to us, we knew that his parents had died in a car accident when he was very young. He was my friend, xiao gang.

Xiao gang is very ordinary, obscurity all day, you almost forgot his existence, but what happened that day, I think he is great, because he helped me.

At the school sports meeting, I took part in the 100-meter dash in my class. On that day, my white boots couldn't be found, and my father promised to buy me a pair of them at noon, but the clock would be twelve o 'clock long before my father came. This is, my father called to say something can't come, let me borrow a pair of sneakers, I stomp and stamp my feet, hot weather, who can wear sneakers? I walked back to the classroom sad.

The teacher had to let xiao gang do it for me in order to honor the team. Have I been in vain for a month? In order to get a place, I get up at 5 o 'clock every day to work out. Is this going to be a waste of time? The more I think about it, the more I feel sad. Then I saw a pair of white sneakers, which had been handed to me by the little man, and his dull eyes were looking at them. "To you, I wish you success," he said with a smile. "You... how do you..." "I'm your friend. I won't help you. Who will help you?" I took the shoes and felt heavy...

Later, I only knew that xiao gang had saved up a month's money to buy a pair of sneakers.

I suddenly felt that he was beautiful, from his appearance to his heart, because he helped me with his own obscure actions

I have a very, very lovely dog, its body is black and white, at first I thought it's a spotted dog, because its body is black and white alternate with, its body is hairy, hair is short, while cute, but it feels a little man, his eyes round, tu, happy revealed a blue light, I remember, before it once I put it on the side, it is to have dinner with me, eating eating, I accidentally spilled the soup on its head, I hurriedly take it run to the bathroom, get it blunt blunt water, and gave it a towel to wipe it over and over again, until it's body, I didn't trust, then, I am afraid to put it on the side and then to get it dirty, I will put it in the side, and finished playing with it again, its mouth open, put out a pink tongue, like a cool for yourself.

This is when I was three years old, and in the video game town of happy valley, I got four hundred votes for my hard work.

When I came home, it looked at me and looked at my new master, and I looked at it and saw how lovely it was.

Went downstairs to play, I took it with me on a swing, playing slide, like life, while you read it sitting in front of me, like my little teacher, teach me new words, I love it, love it forever, though it is now there are a lot of dust, however, I would give it clean.

Friend, that's a PE class. In the course of the long run, you stumble across the scene of my fall, and I thought you would laugh at me like the human, and then go away. But I think it's wrong. You're different from them. You squat down. "Does it hurt?" You kindly ask, just as my mother was before me. Things are small, but you don't give up the opportunity to help your classmates because they're laughing. I say to my heart silently: thank you, a lamp in my life, when I most need warm, send you warm.

Friend, remember that time on the bus. I accidentally stepped on your foot. I thought you were going to be angry, but you turned around and smiled and said, "that's ok. Watch for walking in the future!" Your gentle voice and the smile of tolerance. I have never forgotten... That day, I finally understood what my mother used to say -- how wide the heart is and how big the stage is. Yes, the stage is just how big the heart is. There you can deduce the most beautiful stories and sing the most beautiful songs. I walked slowly off the bus and left with a smile on my face.

Friends, sometimes, when you are angry with you, you dare not express it. Fear, once expressed, conflict; Once a conflict occurs, it hurts the feelings of the friends. Once you hurt your feelings, you lose your friend. It's not worth it to lose a friend for a small thing. Please forgive me for whispering in private about you. Please believe me, in the future, in front of any one of my friends are openly express their emotions, not false to say pleasantries, in front of your true friends, want to do one of the most real oneself, brave in the face of both sides, childish and fragile. Cherish me -- cherish every friend, so that when you fail, someone will say the comforting words. When you succeed, someone will share your happiness with you.

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